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How does the UK population feel about degrees?

On the whole, UK adults feel their degree has been of value in their career

feel it prepared them for their career

feel their degree has been beneficial in terms of getting a job in today’s economic climate

However, people feel they were rushed into making choices.

Over half feel they had no choice as to when to go to university

Two in five
say they would have chosen a different course in hindsight

Over a third
of adults who haven't been to university wish they had

One in four
feel that not having a degree has held them back in their career

How does the UK population feel about professional development?

One quarter
of the UK population currently feel under pressure to get additional skills and qualifications

Young people and Londoners feel most pressured to continue acquiring new skills.

Over 50% of 18-24 year olds and 40% of Londoners feel obliged to gain additional qualifications

And what about developing their skills online?

of those who have spent time developing their own skills have done so online

One in five
people have done or are currently doing an online course

of the respondents would consider doing an online course

say they would only do an online course if it led to an official certificate

Only 13%
feel that employers value free online courses with no accreditation

Yet over 19%
of recruiters say free online courses add value to candidates’ CVs

So how much do people know about opportunities to learn online for free?

Although the New York Times dubbed 2012 'the year of the mooc', one year later only 8% of the UK population has heard of massive open online courses, a form of free online education.

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