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Hong Kong Convention
& Exhibition Centre

Built on reclaimed land on the Wan Chai waterfront, this is one of Hong Kong's major exhibition venues. The building underwent a significant extension in 1990s to include one of the world's largest curved roof structures and was chosen for the handover ceremony in 1997, when Hong Kong's sovreignty was handed over from the UK.
Image: Fabio Ingrosso / Some rights reserved
Central Plaza
Completed in 1992, Central Plaza was the tallest building in Asia until 1996 and remains the tallest reinforced concrete building in the world. Soaring 78 floors over Wan Chai, the bright neon rods on the top of the tower change colour every 15 minutes after dusk, and its triangular floor plan allows the vast majority of the offices to have harbour views. Visitors can enjoy the view from the 46th floor viewing gallery (free admission)
Image: Bernard Tey / Some rights reserved
Hopewell Centre
The Hopewell Centre was the first circular skyscraper in Hong Kong upon completion in 1980. On the 62nd floor, restaurant Revolving 66 completes an hourly 360-degree rotation
Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
One of the leading arts institutes in Asia, HKAPA's alumni include hundreds of Hong Kong TV and film stars, and the complex regularly hosts free dance and theatre performances
The Chinese People’s Liberation Army Forces HQ
Built as the British Army's HQ in 1979 the CPLA building was sited on a narrow stem to dissuade attackers from scaling its water-facing front
Image: Ian Muttoo
Bank of China Tower
The first building outside the USA to break the 1,000ft mark upon completion in 1990, the Bank of China Tower was designed to resemble growing bamboo shoots. Critics attacked its negative feng shui, noting its resemblance to a meat cleaver aimed at the nearby HSBC building
Image: Toby Oxborrow
City Hall
This 1962 Bauhaus design sparked a significant change from Hong Kong's predominantly Victorian architecture
HSBC Main Building
The bank's fourth consecutive HQ on Queen's Road, designed by Norman Foster
Image: Tom Mascardo
Exchange Square
Home to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Credit Suisse and various diplomatic consulates, the Exchange Building's facade features alternating Italian granite and silver reflective glass
Image: Roger Price
Two International Finance Centre
The second tallest building in the city behind the International Commerce Centre in Kowloon. In 2003 it put up the world's largest advert on it's facade – for the FT, Cathay Pacific & HSBC – which was 230m long
Image: Chi King
The Center
Completed in 1998, The Center is best known for its impressive computer-controlled lighting system that displays over a million combinations of colours and patterns at the top of the building