Click on the bubbles to explore UK aid by region, country and sector. Use the top buttons to select a year. Countries receiving no aid that year are coloured grey.

Notes: All figures are in British pounds (£). Figures come from the country-level operational plans covering UK aid from 2010-2015, released between 1 April and 27 July 2011. Country plans for India, Malawi, and Yemen were not available at the time of publication. We'll update the interactive when these plans are published. As we're focusing on country-level plans, we haven't included the Africa and Asia regional plans here. However, we have included figures for the Central Asia and the Caribbean aid programmes, as budgets were not available at the country-level. Sudan and South Sudan enter the interactive as separate countries in 2011/2012; in 2010/2011 Sudan and South Sudan shared a combined budget of £140m; South Sudan became independent on 9 July 2011. We'll update this interactive as new information becomes available.